Our forge shop is equipped with belt drop hammers and friction screw presses. Our seven forging machines are:

Hammer Friction Screw Press
3.0 Ton 200 Ton
2.5 Ton 300 Ton
1.5 Ton 400 Ton
1.0 Ton

The range of our components varies from 350 gms to 40 kgs. We make round as well as varying other profiles such as shaft, balancer, fork, tie rod, flanges, etc. All our forging machines are accompanied with induction heaters and a 3-way accept reject system.


  • Scale free forgings
  • Ability to make varying type of components
  • Cleaner and better working environment
  • Freedom from overheat and underheat forgings, meaning elimination of temperature-induced internal forging cracks – essentially eliminating a failure mode.