We have a consolidated plant with all operations done in house, enabling us to
provide end to end solution to our customers

Design & Engineering

Our design team is adept in AutoCAD and Pro/Engineer modelling software and can make all forging/machining setup drawings at various stages with needed tolerances. Our team’s modelling skills allow us to make intricate milling die moulds with precision. The design team’s knowledge and skill set are augmented by computerized machines, both CNC and VMC, in tool room for precision die making.


  • Ability to design a wide range of components
  • Repeatable quality
  • Better yield as tolerances are kept under control
  • Consistent optimizations/Value Analysis

Cutting and Raw Material Yard

We are equipped with the state of art cutting technology which include 4 Circular saw machines.

Brand Range
Capstone 60mm dia
ITL80 mm dia
Capstone 80 mm dia
Capstone125 mm dia


  • 100% steel cutting done on the circular saw
  • Freedom from Burr & Taper. Taper Range is 3mm in 100mm dia
  • Computerized counting of Cut Billets
  • Precise Cut weight

Vikas forging is currently managing around 25 steel grades which includes carbon, alloy & special alloy steel, which are procured from the reputed steel Mills across India. Some mills are Kalyani Steels, Tata steel long products, JSW Steel, Arjas Steel (Earlier Known as Gerdau steels), Aarti steels and Jayaswal Neco.


Our forge shop is equipped with belt drop hammers and friction screw presses. Our seven forging machines are:

Hammer Friction Screw Press
3.0 Ton 200 Ton
2.5 Ton 300 Ton
1.5 Ton 400 Ton
1.0 Ton

The range of our components varies from 350 gms to 40 kgs. We make round as well as varying other profiles such as shaft, balancer, fork, tie rod, flanges, etc. All our forging machines are accompanied with induction heaters and a 3-way accept reject system.


  • Scale free forgings
  • Ability to make varying type of components
  • Cleaner and better working environment
  • Freedom from overheat and underheat forgings, meaning elimination of temperature-induced internal forging cracks – essentially eliminating a failure mode.

Lab & Heat Treatment

Our lab is technologically equipped to inspect all incoming raw materials.

Our CQI-9 certified heat treatment plant runs on Piped Natural Gas (PNG). It has a monthly capacity of 1000 tons and can perform Normalizing, Hardening & Tempering, and ISO Annealing. With data logger, we are able to monitor real-time process control, giving consistent microstructure quality & hardness within specified range. The ancillary setup consists of Brinell Hardness Tester with Image Analyzer, Shot Blasting, Grinding, 400-tons Knuckle Joint coining press.


  • Confidence in material quality
  • Scale free product
  • Pollution free working environment
  • With all possible heat treatment operations done in house, we are able to manage process flow better, resulting in improved flow time
  • Consistent heat treatment quality because of CQI-9 and Data Logger


Our machines are able to turn up to 300 mm dia and up to 600 mm long shafts. We have an expertise in making intricate parts that require complicated milling profiles in tight tolerances.

Machine Model Range Nos
CNC 6″ to 10″ 50
VMC with Rotary 400mm to 800mm bed 10
Broaching 20 Tons and 12 Tons 2
Gun Drilling 5 mm to 20 mm dia; 600 mm depth 1

Our machining setup is futher complemented by a fully equipped standard room.


  • High-quality machining items with a good finish
  • Capability to make intricate blanks
  • Expertise in seaworthy packing